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[ 35 ] » 20inspirations: round #25

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qui va pas s'lever et claquer la porteCollapse )
18 February 2013 @ 02:22 am
post title © superjesster

hi. this post is full of pink and full of barbies and of COURSE this is the first entry i ever make to 20inspirations, i mean... of course. anyway you can blame this entire post on superjesster, spittingfish, and/or fancifull. i'm not sure who exactly is at the root of the actual cause of all of this, but i'm happy to equally blame all three for haranguing me about these icons and putting the idea into my head at all. special s/o to orangeinsanity who showed me these dumb stupid dumb videos in the first place, then actually started quoting them with me (loudly) in the middle of the sidney smiths lounge, then bought me THIS SHIRT for valentine's day and i am actually sure that mpgis is a large part of why we are now "best" friends.

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my name's deandra. i'm new.Collapse )