nananana SPAMJEN (to the tune of batman) (ionizable) wrote in zenetic,
nananana SPAMJEN (to the tune of batman)

it's a christmas request post!

vincibility and i just wanted to thank all of you for actually watching our community, even though we hardly ever update. it'll be christmas soon and exams, what are exams? pfft we've caught the spirit of giving, so we'd like to make this our first-ever request post! is there anything or anyone you'd like to see iconned? just leave us a comment below and we'll get it to you in time for christmas. don't be shy! we just want to thank you for taking an interest in our work and we'd like to get to know all of you a bit better, too. :)

for reference, you can take a look at the posts we've made in the past, in case you're a little hazy on our styles. we're open to all fandoms, so if we haven't iconned anything for your particular fandom yet, well... there's always a first time! [ ionizable ][ vincibility ]

just copy the code below and fill it out. feel free to make as many requests as you'd like! if there are specific images or styles, feel free to link to examples. :) happy holidays, guys!

Tags: !modpost, .request post: xmas 2011
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